Lace Wedding Dresses

Planning for a Lace Wedding Gown

If you want to plan to purchase a lace wedding gown then perhaps you will find this information most useful.

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An example of a beautifully laced wedding gown

Lace Wedding Dresses are extremely feminine and incredibly gorgeous, our designer lace wedding dresses are totally dreamy and made to perfection.

Lace Wedding Dresses & Lace Bridal Gowns

An example of a stunning lace wedding dress and it’s proof that nothing comes close to the romantic charm of superb lace.

Lace Wedding Dresses feature a plethora of princess worthy laces and you will see many sexy fitted wedding dresses here.

Amazing Lace definitely takes a center stage in our beautiful showroom among other gorgeous bridal creations.

There are many fabulous wedding gown made of classy lace and gauze.

Furthermore 3D lace pattern decoration and mermaid silhouette can make a dress luxurious and irresistible.

For example :

Lace is very romantic and soft also, lace is a very classic, beautiful material for a wedding dress that is timeless.

Various Lace types Explained for different types of Lace Wedding Dresses:

Venetian Point

A variety with a raised floral or geometric design that looks almost three-dimensional, originally made in Venice and later in Belgium and other countries


Intricate lace with solid designs outlined with heavy cording on sheer net, developed in Alençon, France, in the 17th century; also known as the Queen of Lace.


Lace is composed of designs outlined in embroidery stitching, also it could be be embellished with pearls, beading or sequins.


First made in France, it often has a floral design and wispy weight, with scalloped edges.


Wide lace with a repeating pattern


A popular type of lace, distinguished by small floral or bow patterns, first manufactured during Louis XIV’s reign in the French city of the same name.

Just maybe Queen Victoria knew she was onto something when she chose a lace trimmed gown for her wedding.

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