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The first fitting is free. Any additional fittings will incur a $25.00 cash fee for each additional fitting. If you purchase a gown from us this fee will be deducted from the purchase price.


After entering your Appointment Date on the CALENDAR make sure you press the “CONTINUE” Button make sure you get the message “Booking Request Sent” if not you may have to try again if in doubt please give us a call and we will happily enter the booking for you.

Also please ensure that you complete the Booking Information Form below and press “SUBMIT”.

The Booking Information Form allows us to pre-select the bridal gowns for your bridal fitting. On arrival you will then have time to look through other Wedding Dresses which may be of interest.

To complete the “Booking Information Form” below you may want to first visit the following:

Your “Bridal Dress Size” this can be obtained by viewing the “Sizing Chart”

The Item Code for the first 3 Bridal dresses you would like to try on, this is the Dress Number which appears on the photo in the “Bridal Collections” pictures.

You can view these in a separate window by pressing the following buttons and return to the form.


Booking Information Form for Bridal Fitting

View Bridal Gowns
View Sizing Chart
Allows us to confirm your booking by email is that was your preference.
Used only if we need to contact you.
Preferred Method of Contact i.e. Email or Telephone or text
Different suppliers have different supply times we may need to exclude some ranges based on available time.
Only used a guide to dress types that may suit the location i.e. beach wedding
What is your Wedding Gown Budget i.e. $1500
Used to verify we have the selected colour or that it is available.
This allows your assistant to pre arrange gowns in your size range for viewing.
Used to allow us to pre-select these gowns allowing more time to browse for other gowns.
Used to ensure seating etc..
Optional every advertising company like to tell us it was them 🙂

General Information

Lastly thank you for making an appointment with Bella Victoria Bridal.

Above all we would like your experience with us to be professional and friendly as well as FUN.

Our designer wedding gowns are all made of quality materials with impeccable attention to detail, and are attainable to every woman.

Likewise there is a great selection of lace wedding dresses, and many other gorgeous gowns of all types for the more budget conscious brides.

In general you will experience a very private bridal collections viewing of our entire range of beautifully unique bridal gowns.

Additionally the Store situated at Robina near the Robina Town Center shopping center look for the pink Bridal sign on the tower.

To sum up here you will find: Designer Wedding Gowns, Lace Wedding Dresses, Unique Bridal Gowns, and Bridal Collections.

Designer Wedding Gowns – from leading designers in Europe and the USA.

Lace Wedding dresses – the latest designs showcasing on international runways right now.

Unique Bridal Gowns – that you just will not find anywhere else as they are exclusive here.

Bridal Collections – a great collection of unique and “oh so gorgeous” gowns.

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